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November 2019

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As I read today's verses, I am reminded of how important holiness is in every aspect of our lives. When I am tempted to think it is hard, then I realize that it is not. Holiness isn't hard if we are doing what we do out of love for Christ and what He has done for us. I do love Him. It doesn't matter really how others treat me. It is nothing compared to how I have treated Him. I have sinned so many times and in so many ways that any human would have cast me into hell. But Christ...oh, He loves me. I do understand grace, but have moved into living a holy lifestyle because I want to be like the giver of that grace. If I want to be like Jesus, I have to do the things that He did. He loved the unlovely. He forgave tax collectors, prostitutes and demon possessed people. He went about doing good. Yes, I fail. We always will in our human skin, but I am striving for better and looking forward to the goal, which is heaven.

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