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Deuteronomy 4:2
Do not add to or subtract from these commands I am giving you from the LORD your God. Just obey them. (NLT)

“Just obey them,” a simple sentence but a powerful Word from God. I believe we like to add or take away from God’s commands to better understand in our minds, why God is asking us to adhere to a specific code of conduct and it is in our explanations of “why” where we get messed up. Funny thing about understanding, at least with God, I find that understanding comes as I just do what God tells me to do. It may not come right away, but understanding, by way of revelation and or study, does come as we mature.

That concept is not hard to understand when we think about why we send our children to school. They do not go into the first grade with a full understanding of E=MC2, a mathematical formula of energy, a formula language founded on 1 + 1 = 2. However, if one decides to go into physics, the simple arithmetic basic will come into play. My son, a stress analyst for Boeing’s new 787 plane, works with numbers and formulas all the time, which I don’t understand; however, he has taken the time to study the math and physics behind the “why,” and I haven’t. That doesn’t’ mean the laws of aerodynamics will work for him but not for me because I don’t understand the laws. Yes, “Just obey them,” is a powerful sentence.

Grace and peace,

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