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I believe the Book of Joshua is jammed packed with models and examples of how to walk by faith giving examples of things to do and things not to do. The third chapter begins with the Israelites leaving Acacia, which also happens to be the type of wood the Arc of the Covenant is made from as well as the poles used to carry it. The wood is very dense and is naturally resistant to insects and diseases and is very heavy. I have compared the Arc to a type of Christ because it was made from a nearly indestructible wood, which was covered in pure gold, Christ like.

The Levities were told after three days (Hmmm, Jesus was in the grave three days.), the people having “purified” themselves before, to "Lift up the Ark of the Covenant and lead the people across the river." Only this time, unlike the crossing of the Red Sea where the water separated and formed walls in front of their very eyes, the Levites were told to step into the water and then the water would stop flowing, but the place where it stop was about 30 to 90 miles upstream, O my. In Egypt they stepped out on dry ground, now they had to get their feet wet relying on and believing that God had stopped the waters because they couldn’t see where the waters had been blocked.

Boy-o-boy! When we first began our walk with God how many of us use to get our prayers answered one, two, three but now there is a delay. Could it be as we mature in faith and in our walk, God is asking us to trust Him more by telling us we have to get our feet wet? The Jordan is not a pretty river, it is very muddy and at some places it may be just a “trickle” very unlike a river, but that day the Jordan was at flood stage so it was moving fast and it was pretty high. Am I afraid to get my feet wet because I don’t trust God to stop the water because I can’t see where the flow has been cut off?

Everything that happened at this crossing took place because of obedience to God’s Word. Trusting seems to walk hand in hand with obedience and it is in the obedience that good things happen.

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