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Happy Easter to all. I am grateful to celebrate our Lord's resurrection, united together in worship with millions of brothers and sisters around the world from many tribes, tongues, peoples, and lands.

Have a blessed Easter. Christ is risen from the dead! While living in this side of heaven, we have Holy Spirit and Christ's love in us and hope in Him, and everyday is a new beginning, a gift from the Lord - for us to confess our sins, and renew our faith in Him. Thank you Lord for your salvation, and for your love, mercy and compassion.

As shown by the Israelites time & time again, people disobey God's commandments. We can not save ourselves from temptations and sinning. Like a child when our parents are not looking we do what we are not supposed to do. This is why God gave us Christ to atone for our sins. Christ died for our sins and resurrected on Easter to give us new hope and save us from the world.

A blessed Easter to all.

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