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I really enjoyed reading commentaries to help me understand Ezekiel 46:20--a few commentaries take us back to King David transporting the ark using oxen and Uzzah reached out and touched the ark when he thought it would fall and was stricken dead. See

Basically, what I understand is that we can become too used to holy things and start to take them for granted or forget how they are supposed to be handled, and this can be dangerous and even lead us to do things that can lead to death. Also, we forget to follow God's instructions. King David did not do as God had instructed in the Mosaic law and have the Levites bear the ark on their shoulders and only in this way transport it. King David later realizes his error and corrects it.

Another good comment I read but do not remember the reference or url for as I understood it said that certain functions are set aside by God for the priests working in spiritual arenas and for each of those working in wordly areas. In order to honor God's decision of who is to do what, we do not mix them or have the priests out among the wordly or the wordly mixed in and stepping into priestly duties. This made a lot of sense to me. Do what God has given each of us to do and don't try to step in where God has not told you to.

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