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September 2020

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I've read the Bible over many times, both with your other blog, by myself, and with other helps.
I want to continually grow in my knowledge of the Bible & of God, and grow closer to Him. I don't have one special favorite Bible verse; it's usually the one that God is using to speak to me today.

Good Morning.
I have done the One Year Bible Blog for the past three years,and I had decided to do something different this year like morning devotions, and the One Year book of Personal Prayer. However, after pouring my first cup of coffee, I immediately went to my computer and went to the daily bible blog. However, I have decided to go with the chronological one, and did the dramatic audio reading. You might say that the One Year Bible Blog has become a habit with me: a good habit, a good way to start the day.
Every year brings me closer to God and understanding the scripture, and giving me confidence to talk to family members who don't "get it."
So Happy New Year, and this is a big day for those of us who believe and hopefully others who are hoping for a new beginning this year.
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!
—2 Corinthians 5:17

It's great to be on page 1 again. I have been using the Chronological Bible blog for about three years now, I've lost track of how many years lol. But it has blessed me richly and am looking forward to the next adventure with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit this year.

I've done the One year bible blog and reading the Bible through and most years getting through all or most of it. This year trying the Chron. Bible in New Living Bible. Back slidden many years in my young adult life through my 60's. Now have a better grasp on my Salvation. I do this in the early morning before the wife gets up. Then most days we do devotions together. My middle daughter's life verse is in Phil. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Praying all the lost in my family and friends circle come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ if it's God's will.

I read the Ine Year Bible in 2018 with a wonderful woman Doreen Virtue. I hope to get to a deeper level of understanding the Bible this year. I love saying Praise the Lord. Said in many psalms.

Good afternoon I have read the Bible through one year before. I would like to discover new Bible truth and to maintain a personal relationship with my heavenly father.
The verse which stood out for me today tha tee were created male and female

Love this Blog. Father help us through the Holy Spirit to grow in Your Word and be image bearers of You through Jesus Christ our Incarnate Lord.(Genesis 1:26-27)

Good morning! I have read my Bible from Gen. to Rev.every year for 35 years. This year I wanted to change it up and read through Chronologically which I have done 3-4 times. I was interested in this particular plan because of the commentary that goes with it. I write my own Bible Study for our women's ministry and am thinking I want to incorporate the Chronological reading into it. I appreciated the commentary that went with today's reading and I am so excited to find this and get more out of my reading besides just "reading," if you know what I mean! So, thank you!

Yes, I have read the entire Bible before. I am looking forward in gaining new knowledge and being able to put that knowledge into action. I want my relationship with God to grow stronger everyday. My favorite book or verse in the Bible, is tough to come up with because I have so many. In today's reading I still ponder over how many years past between chapters 1 and 2. God had a plan for our salvation since the very beginning. Isn't he an amazing God!

Thank you for this blog. I haven’t read the entire Bible and hopefully will do it this year. My favourite Bible verse is 1Samuel 16:7. Looking forward to a blessed new year.

Hello. I am so grateful to have read the One Year Bible with you in 2018. What a life changing experience! I plan to read through the Chronological Bible this year and memorize as much as possible. My favorite is Psalm 139. Thank you Mike for all you do. I also want to mention how much I enjoy the artwork you include and LOVE the music videos. Many have me in tears by the end and the introduction to Christian singers is a bonus. God bless you brother!

Letty from Texas

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