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May 2020

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1.I have not read the entire bible.
2. I have been on this email for years and start out strong only to fall behind and drop off. I pray 2020 is my year to defeat all the distractions the devil throws at me.
3. My favorite verse is Isaiah 43:2. Powerful verse for me.
I appreciate all the work that has gone into making this resource available and pray for all the readers to be successful & blessed by their commitment.

1) I have not read the entire Bile yet. I am looking forward to reading it,

not just reading it, But reading it with understanding.
2) The same as PJ
3) I have many verses I would consider "favorite." One of my favorite chapters is Psalms 139.

1. I have not read the entire Bible.
2. Insight. I have been dedicated to everything in my life except my Bible reading - I want to learn and be knowledgeable to answer questions for my children and grandchildren.
3. My life verse is Jerm 29:11 and my favorite is Phil 4:13
4. The inclusion of the pictures and the video is amazing for me to apply - thank you for your time and effort - I pray I stay strong - I actually was invited by my sister and I am home with the flu and have read today's lesson and was going back to ensure to read the 1st and 2nd.

The holy bible not just about knowledge as the bible says it puffs up but application to our lives....1Timothy 4v16

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