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I believe Josephus says that the old prophet wanted to discredit the “man of God” so that Jeroboam would not hold him in high regard. He wanted to retain his position as prophet and not be outdone by this new person.
(Accidentally posted on June 8)

I appreciated John Woodhouse’s explanation, in his contribution to the Preaching the Word commentary series, that “the man of God was from Judah, the old prophet lived in Bethel. The men come to represent their places…The whole story in 1 Kings 13 is a kind of real-life parable. We are witnessing in this local story an anticipation, a foreshadowing, of the history to be told in the rest of the books of Kings. What happened to the man of God from Judah will happen in due course to the people of Judah. The disobedience of the northern kingdom will draw their southern brothers after them. They too will believe the lie. One day it will be said, “Judah also did not keep the commandments of the Lord their God, but walked in the customs that Israel [that is, the northern kingdom] had introduced” (2 Kings 17:19).

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