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The sufferings of Job and the comments of his friends are reminders of our reactions to our and our friends trials, sufferings and afflictions. We feel that these are results of our transgressions against God and our fellowmen. As with Job's friends we tend to judge. The story of Job particularly was the result of Satan's doing. Satan wants to show God that Job (who is righteous in God's eyes) was righteous because he was blessed. Take away the blessings and let him suffer and he will curse and not follow God. At times, this is true in our lives. We praise God and thank Him for all His blessings. However, take away the blessings and we tend to blame others or even God for our misfortunes. This was not true with Job.

I heard this comment one time when a child with down syndrome was born to a family that this is because of God's punishment to the parents. Sad that we tend to give judgement just like Job's friends. My prayers is that in all things I praise God and thank Him. He is my Redeemer and He lives.

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