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This is just my personal belief and nothing in the Bible supports it. I do know that whenever a skeptic brings up the issue of Cain's wife to me my explanation of where she came from satisfies them, and shoots down their argument and sceptic belief in what the Bible says. I have always believed that God created Adam and Eve as the first humans. However the Bible doesn't say that He didn't also create other humans after creating them. I think that Cain's wife was not a sister or relative but instead came from one of the other tribes of humans that God created. The Bible tells us that God is the same yesterday, today,and tomorrow. We know that God created our planet Earth but He also created a universe filled with other planets. It is on that I base my opinion that He also created more people after He created Adam and Eve.

There are things we are not meant to know or understand. When we meet up with Jesus in eternal life I hope we have all the knowledge and can laugh at our primitive earthly selves for coming up with wacky stuff to rationalize his incomprehensible plan and love for us.

There are the "intellectuals" that believe in science and proven theories with their every being... however, HE lives in all dimensions. There is no time, no past, no present, no destiny. He is, was and always will be. HE is not bound by our silly physical laws and I'm sure he and the angels crack up at the things we've come up with so far.

I combat the sin crouching at my door with the Word. If I don't stay in the Word, I am not grounded and will slip and feel so bad for the things I have said..I become more impulsive than I should when I don't stay grounded. It's the little things, meditating, prayer, putting #1 as first in my life. Nothing else matters.. its all gravy! Be blessed.

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